Cru at the University of Kentucky

Cru Small Group Bible Studies

Small Group Bible Studies make up Cru! Build relationships that will encourage you and help you grow in one of these weekly gatherings.

Mondays at 6pm – meets in the Willy T Library
Mondays at 8:30pm – meets in the Willy T Library Starbucks
Tuesdays at 8:30pm – meets in The 90
Wednesdays at 8pm – meets in Jacobs Science Building 337

Cru Large Group

Thursday nights at 8pm, come together with students from all over campus to connect and be encouraged by some Bible teaching, worship and discussion.  Afterwards, hang out as long as you want with whatever food or drinks we are serving up that week!

Thursdays at 8 pm
UK Mining and Minerals Building, Room 102 

Kentucky Cru
Kentucky Cru
Kentucky Cru