I was lost, alone, and wondering where God was in my life when I first came to college. After joining Campus Crusade for Christ, I not only found fellowship and guidance, but I now KNOW my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is with me wherever I go. He is always with me, leading me through life and equipping me for each step I take into the unknown.
Morehead State
Cru has provided me with a strong Christian fellowship that has fostered my ever-growing faith. It is incredible to come together and worship our God, whether it’s at weekly meetings or just passing time in the cafeteria or coffee shop. It’s definitely no coincidence that these people have been brought into my life.”
Transylvania University
Cru has had a huge part in positively molding my continuous growth in my relationship with Christ and with my Christian brothers and sisters. It also provided me with an opportunity to take part in a life changing summer in Daytona Beach, Florida where God taught me things I didn’t even know I could know. I would definitely be a different person if it weren’t for Campus Crusade for Christ.
Transylvania University
When I came to college I was a non-believer. I thought that those yahoos that believed in Jesus and all that were stupid. But that was before I met my roommate. He opened my eyes to the truth which was that not all Christians were hypocrites and liars and abusers. Shortly after college got started I began to talk to my roommate about God because I was curious. I mean, how could someone who was a Christian be so honest and genuine, or at least that was my view going into it. After a couple of weeks I decided to give Christianity a chance, so I began checking out the organizations on campus. Thanks to my R.A. I decided to drop by Reed 419 for the Cru’s weekly Higher Ground meeting. There I met an entire group of believers who seemed like my roommate, Christians who were legitimately honest and good people. Thanks to all the help of God and the support of my friends in Cru I accepted Christ in January. Ever since then I have seen God working in my life and I live to serve Him.
Morehead State
I never thought God was going to be a big part of my life when I came to college, but when I started getting involved with Campus Crusade, I saw how much of a difference having a relationship with God can make in a college student’s life.
Transylvania University
Campus Crusade has provided me with a community of real and authentic believers who model what it means to have a relationship with Jesus in the good times and bad times of life. Cru has helped me create a ministry of my own in my field of study. Cru has opened doors to allow Christ to change my life forever. Jesus has impacted my world and transformed my life for His glory!
Morehead State
Cru has made me not only a Christian, but a confident Christian. I feel as if God has really put it on me to grow in my faith with my friends, but also invest in them. Cru has also had me question what I used to hold true, and what I hold true now. God is great, and moves in my life everyday.
Morehead State

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