Volunteers/ Churches


Who are we trying to reach? What is our scope? There are more than 100,000 students and professors located at approximately 30 post-secondary academic institutions.  These institutions are spread out over a 10,000 square mile area.  In acknowledging those realities, we also acknowledge that God desires to impact individuals on each of those campuses and can raise the necessary resources,  spiritual, financial, and human, needed to accomplish His task.  We invite you to join with us in launching and building movements on these campuses.

Your first step would be to read our statement of faith and the What We Do article. We would then ask you to complete our volunteer application and email to abigail.bennett@cru.org. We have provided some further resources below.


You Can Make the Difference

How It All Works

How To Lead  a Small Group Study

Transformational Community

Challenging to Discipleship

Planning the Campus Year

Movement Building 2012

Websites That Will Help

CruGreen a place to find a multitude of resources from the national ministry of Cru.

The Gospel Coalition find general resources from the world of evangelicals

Transferable Concepts tools for communicating spiritual realities like the spirit-filled life, giving, sharing the Gospel, etc.

Every Student find articles for students who have questions about who God is, relationships and other concerns.

Starting With God a great place for students and faculty who are beginning a personal relationship with Jesus.

Summer Project Opportunities – see where individuals from your campus can go this summer. (currently showing 2012 opportunities)

Faculty Commons – give the professors on your campus an online resource to be an active participant in transforming the academy!

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