If you are leading a discipleship group or discipling anyone, we want you to be thinking 4 generations ahead. That means when you are discipling someone, be thinking about how you can equip them to disciple someone else, who will then disciple someone else, who will then disciple someone else. You want to equip the first disciple in such a way they would be able to go and make another disciple with the same idea in mind.

Our desire is to equip people to be Christ-centered laborers while in college and beyond graduation. As a discipler, you will likely not get more than 1-2 years with a disciple. So, with that in mind, you need to be thinking about what will best equip your disciple to walk with the Lord for a lifetime. There is a myriad of topics you could cover with your disciples, but we believe if students leave college equipped in about eight main topics, they will be equipped to be a Christ-centered laborer. Those 8 topics are wrapped up into something we will call the 4 Walks and the 4 Talks.

The 4 Walks are four essentials of our walk with God that we want to make sure our disciples understand. They are:  1. Walk in Assurance of Salvation, 2. Walk in Forgiveness, 3. Walk in the Power of the Spirit, and 4. Walk in Purity.

The 4 Talks are four types of communication. They are 1. The Word (God talking to us), 2. Prayer (us talking to God), 3. Fellowship/ Community/ Body (us to other believers), and 4. Witnessing (us to non-believers).

Below, we have provided four ministry tools for each of the 4 Walk/ 4 Talk topics. We ask that you choose one of the four options for each topic and walk through it with your disciples. So, that means at least 8 of the times that you get together with your disciple, you will have the material provided. You are free to cover other topics during the other times, but we want you to cover each of these topics at least once PER SEMESTER. Yes, that means covering the same topics again the next semester. ALSO, be sure to try to model sharing the gospel AT LEAST twice a semester.

Below are the different materials for each of the 4 Walks and 4 Talks. Again, choose one of the four options in each category.

The 4 Walks
Walk in Assurance (Confidence, Assurance of Salvation, Justification by Faith, How You Can be Sure You are a Christian)
Walk in Forgiveness (Acceptance, Sin and Confession, Walking in the Light)
Walk in the Spirit (Empowerment, Satisfied Booklet, How You Can Be Filled with the Spirit, Walking in the Spirit)
Walk in Purity (Walking the Line: Dealing with Gray Areas, Sexual Purity, Personal Purity, Obedience)

The 4 Talks
The Word (A Daily Time with the Lord, How to Study a Passage of Scripture)
Prayer (How You Can Pray with Confidence, Prayer)
Fellowship/ Community/ Body (Fellowship, Choosing a Church Home)
Sharing Your Faith (Why We Share the Gospel, Preparing Your Personal Testimony)

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