E-II Forum


The Executive and Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum is sponsored by Cru and is an informal association with executives and entrepreneurs who value investing in tomorrow’s leaders. The forum is built around three highly successful professionals who share principles, lessons and wisdom drawn from their marketplace experience, as well as their faith journey, with a variety of audiences over the course of the event.

This year’s leadership dinner for  University of Kentucky students will take place in the First Ladies Room  at the Boone Center on Thursday, November 10.  The event begins at 5:30.

If you are a student invited to this event, please use this link:  2016 E-II Forum Attendee Registration

If you are serving as a volunteer or table host, please use this link: 2016 E-II Forum Volunteer Registration

Here are some comments from attendee’s from events around the country.

I wanted to extend my gratitude for your invitation to the Executive and Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum. It really was a great event that brought together a cross-section of emerging campus leaders to hear stories of faith and success.

Student Body Vice President  North Dakota State University

The speakers were amazing! They did such a great job with the students it was really a treat to have them available. They spoke in three of my classes and had very high praises from the students.

Kelly Jameson, Finance Professor St. Cloud State, MN