Scott and Kristen Talley


Scott and Kristen Talley have been on staff with Cru since 2011. They are both graduates of the University of Kentucky. Scott has a degree in Business Management and Business Marketing from UK, graduating in December 2003. Kristen’s degree is in Dietetics from the University of Kentucky, graduating in May 2004.
They have been married since August 2004 and have 3 daughters; Kayla(born In 2008), Olivia( born in 2011), and Catherine(born in 2013).

4 thoughts on “Scott and Kristen Talley

  1. Hi Scott, we are visiting from Maine. My son has been accepted to University of Kentucky, any suggestions on Churches around the area by UK?

    1. Hey Felix,
      That is great! There are several great churches in the area. Is there a certain denomination, size, etc…that you are looking for? We have staff and students that go to several different churches that are great.

      1. Thanks for your reply, I guess something close to the UK campus.ost churches in Maine are 40 70, and currently my son is attending a bigger Church. The most important thing is to connect and be in mission with the Body of Christ.

      2. So there are several really good churches. I personally attend Porter Memorial Baptist Church which I really love. We also have staff that attend Center Point Church, Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, and Tates Creek Presbytarian Church which are all solid churches active in reaching unbelievers. Most of our students attend one of those churches and give rides from campus. Those would be my recommendations. Would love to meet with you all if you are coming to campus again. Just let me know!

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