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By Laura Rogers

The month of February has been one filled with joy. The joy of sitting down with a girl named Mary (not her real name), and sharing all she wants to know about this “new religion,” Christianity. “I just want to learn what I can, because we never talk about Christianity in Japan. It is looked down upon by my family and friends.” This is the first time I have personally had this conversation with a Japanese student here at UK.

“What is different about Christianity from other religions? What is the real meaning behind Christmas? If I become a Christian, I would face trials in Japan. How do people do something like that? What does it mean to sin?”

All these wonderful questions from a girl who just wants to know. It takes time for our team to explain many things. For example, “sin” translated in Japanese means “criminal.” It is easy for Mary to tell us she has never stolen, murdered, or done any crime. So we spend much time reconstructing the idea of what sin really means. We spend time talking about Christ’s birth, and that because He died for her, she can have a relationship with God. We share stories of believers who face persecution, and how God gives us the strength to do so.

“Will you go to church with me? Will you share with me more music? Yes, we can meet and talk more,” she says.

Please go to God, who created Mary and knows everything about her and her thoughts, and ask Him to reveal His truth to her, so that our friend may become our sister. So that one day we may worship alongside Mary before our great God.

“Mary” at a Japanese festival this year
A caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ
Praise God…* for bringing the nations to us so that we can share the gospel with internationals here in America!

* for working in Mary’s heart and causing her to ask important spiritual questions. Pray that she surrenders to Christ.

* that the E2 Forum was a success and about 3 dozen influential student leaders at UK heard the gospel. One has even trusted Christ this week!

Please pray…

* for our pretend wedding we are hosting for international students THIS SATURDAY, March 7 at 7pm. Pray that the gospel is clear through the wedding ceremony and that connections can be made during the reception for follow up appointments.

* for our Spring Break trip to Destin, FL Mar 14-20. Pray for a loving, inclusive community during the week and that students would surrender to Christ as Savior and Lord and leave excited to be missionaries on their campuses throughout the rest of the semester.

* for the Aruna Run at Morehead State Thursday, April 9 which is a 5k race to raise awareness and funds to buy women and children out of slavery in Southeast Asia. We also want the event to allow us to build relationships students in other campus organizations to someday share the gospel.
Morehead State
Morehead State


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